About Face Detection - Maskomatic
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About Face Detection

Maskomatic uses Apples On-device technology, called ”Vision”, to detect faces in images.


The Vision framework performs face detection, text detection, barcode recognition and more.


It´s the same feature that Apple uses in the Photos app to detect faces. And because Apple takes the users privacy very seriously they prefer a On-device technology instead of a Cloud based one. You can read more about this in the paper ”An On-device Deep Neural Network for Face Detection”.


Maskomatic uses this built in feature for face detection and does not send any information from the device.


Read about the technology that Maskomatic uses for Face Detection in the entry ”An On-device Deep Neural Network for Face Detection” that is published on ”Apple’s Machine Learning Journal”.


For more technical information, read about the ”Vision Framework” that Maskomatic uses to detect faces.