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Maskomatic is a camera app that let’s you take anonymous photos and share them in social media.


Maskomatic automatically detects faces* in you photos and replace them with illustrated faces or animal heads (You decide).
The app also strips away all the meta-data that can revile where the photo was taken. You have full control to hide the persons that does not want to be in your feed.


Perfect for schools and organisations that want to share activities but also respects the personal integrity of the kids. Now you do not need to find the perfect angle where all the students are looking away or just show there leg´s in the photo. Just start the app and let Maskomatic do the job.


In-app functionality enables you to share your images to social media, or save the strait to your phone.


All the illustrations are vector, so the images are hi-res and can be printed with good quality.


*Read more about the technology behind face detection here: About Face Detection.

Maskomatic is a free app on the App Store and you can purchase content in the app by using In-App-Purchase (IAP).

There is also a Volume License version for that is excellent for volume purchase for  Educations, Business or for family sharing.

Link to Apple App Store

Video Preview


Build in Face detection

Image with example of build in face detection

Different Stickers

Face illustrations

Animal illustrations

Subjects and activities

Lots of categories

Please inspire us by hashtagging #maskomatic to show us how you use the app.