Maskomatic - Anonymize your photos
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Maskomatic, integrity in your iPhone

Automagically create anonymised images.
Use the camera or choose an existing photo from your photo library.

Hide faces quick and easy with playful illustrations.
Personal integrity is key.

Mask faces

The face detection feature build in iOS will automagically find faces in the picture. It´s like magic, let Maskomatic do the job. You can always add, adjust and replace illustrations after your liking.

Anonymized images

The EXIF-data is erased, so that location-info and personal meta-data is deleted. Maskomatic is created with integrity in mind!

Hi-Res quality

Faces, animals, glasses, signs, weather and more. The illustrations are vector, so the exported imaged are top-notch.

Be social!

Share photos on social media without showing the faces of the persons in the image.